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The smart bottle for dads. Let your baby communicate with you. 

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The Cibus Health App shows the baby's suckling pattern

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The Cibus Health app helps visualise your baby's feeding pattern

Our smart bottle offers a revolutionary solution, letting the baby communicate during each feed. Our patented system allows dads to be responsive in real time.

Why is this a problem?

Parenthood. There is no guidebook, but there is the Cibus bottle. We believe in feeding parity. 

Bonding with your baby is especially harder for dads, as fathers cannot feed their child naturally. Our bottle is designed to make dads prepared, get the bigger picture, and to feel even closer to their baby.

How the app works


Get the bigger picture


Our app helps dad spot patterns and build up healthy routines by keep tracking of the quality of the baby's feeds. 

Watch your little one thrive and grow​


Track the quality of your baby's feeds over time and share details with your doctor if you need to.

Stay a step ahead

We analyse your baby's feeding for you. Our app sends you expert advice that helps you understand what's happening now and what's coming up.


The Cibus Health Bottle

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The Cibus Health Bottle

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The Cibus Health App

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The Cibus Health Bottle

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Cibus Health Bottle


What you will receive:

This purchase includes our smart bottle (with patented technology), as well as a 6-month subscription to the Cibus Health App, which offers:

  • Insights and Analytics

  • Trends and Recommendations

  • Community

  • Latest Research and Findings


Our Support

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