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Our Mission

Our mission is to give your baby the best start to life.


We're creating a future where parents, especially first-time dads, do not have to be anxious over making a wrong move. We’re starting this journey by creating a smart baby bottle that’s designed to make the parent more connected to their baby. Our solution helps prevent overfeeding and reduce colic symptoms.

The Full Story

After spending months in the hospital, we found that obesity is one of the biggest problems facing our public health systems, including at the youngest age. 75% of infants in the UK are overweight, and one of the most significant predictors of adult obesity is childhood obesity. One of the most significant predictors of childhood obesity is infant rapid weight gain. 


What we also found is that parents who bottle-feed are more likely to have overweight infants, and the best way to prevent overfeeding is to feed responsively, which is very difficult to get right with a bottle.


We think that bottle feeding is outdated and in need of change. However, we don’t think that telling everyone to breastfeed is the answer – dads cannot do it and it is not always possible to do for mums. 


Therefore, we are creating a smart baby bottle, aimed at dads, which helps parents become more in touch with the baby’s feed. We can wave goodbye to fixed amounts written on formula packets or fixed instructions from the internet and instead let the baby control the feed so they can tell us exactly how much they need, as the baby always does know best.

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We're rebuilding the baby bottle, from the ground up.

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We're building a modern baby bottle that's designed around today's lifestyle, powered by today's tech. A baby bottle that is stylish, smart and encourages the baby to take control to develop ahead of its peers.

We're based in London, having started in Oxford and gone through the OUI Incubator (Oxford University Innovation). We won the OUI Demo Day, ahead of many other Oxford University startups, and were runners up in the Oxford Foundry All-Innovate competition. We are also supported by EIT Health and the European Union Regional Development Fund.

You'll be part of an incredibly tight-knit team and have a chance to really make a difference for millions of people, as well as drive the future of Cibus Health.

Open Positions

We're looking for talented and ambitious people to join us on our journey to shake up the baby bottle and the more general baby device industries.

Don't find an open position that fits you but are interested in working with us? Email us at

Co-founder (non-technical)


The Team


Adrian Kozhevnikov

Adrian spent the last 4 years completing his degree in Engineering from Oxford University. There he also started a student startup incubator, launched a social media startup, and built the first Cibus Health prototype.

Our Advisors


Jeroen Bergmann

Professor of Engineering, Director of Healthtech labs


Peter Dobson, OBE

Former Director of Oxford Begbroke Science Park


Tianyou Xu

YCombinator Alumnus, Ideas-to-Impact Fellow @ Said Business School


Erfan Soliman

Serial Entrepreneur, Engineering Lecturer